Membership Options

Unlimited Membership VS. Limited Membership

Limited Salt Cave Membership 

 We are excited to offer an affordable option for those of you that enjoy your weekly sessions in the salt cave.  For only $360, you will be able to attend one salt cave session per week for an entire year! You can pay this amount up front or we can offer a monthly payment option for just $40 per month.  

If you pay the $360 up front for your 52 salt cave sessions, that works out to be only $6.73 per session.   If you pay monthly for the 52 sessions, you will pay only $9.23  per session!! This deal is too good to pass up!!

Note: If you choose the monthly payment option, you must commit to one full year and payments will be made automatically from your debit or credit card.  

Extra Perk: You can attend additional regular salt cave sessions, any day that the salt cave is open, for only $15 per session beyond your one visit per week. 

Unlimited Salt Cave Membership

Unlimited memberships allow you to come everyday that the salt cave is open. You can also attend back to back sessions in a day provided that the seats have not been previously reserved.

One Month Unlimited: $100 (required a 3 month commitment)

Add A Family Member . . . . $75 additional each month per added member. 

Extra Perk:  When you commit to the unlimited membership, you will receive one free infrared sauna session of your choice each month.