45 Minute Salt Cave Gift Certificates for only $15 and Infrared Sauna Gift Certs $20

Membership Options

Unlimited Membership VS. Limited Membership


Unlimited memberships allow you to come everyday that the salt cave is open. You can also attend back to back sessions in a day provided that the seats have not been previously reserved.

One Month Unlimited: $150 

Three Months Unlimited: $125 per month ($375) paid in full at time of sign up

Six to Twelve Months: $100 per month (requires the first 6 months to be paid in advance ~ $600). If you choose to continue after 6 months, payment is due at the begining of each month thereafter.

Add A Family Member . . . . $75 additional each month per added member. If choosing the longer memberships, the added family members must be paid in advance as well. 

Example 1: 3 Month Membership = $375

Add One Family Member  = $225

 Total Due In Advance - $600

Example 2: 12 Month Membership for one = $1200 ($600 due at signing) then $100 per month at the beginning of months 7-12). To add a family member, you will pay $75 per month ($450 due at signing and then $75 at the beginning of months 7-12). The total for both family members is $1650 due at signing and then $175 due at the beginning of months 7-12.


 Only 100 Spots Available 

We are excited to offer an affordable option for those of you that enjoy your weekly sessions in the salt cave.  This offer can only be extended to 100 people. For only $350, you will be able to attend one salt cave session per week. 

Note: Your session must be within the hours of Tuesday-Friday during regular business hours. Saturday attendance is excluded. 

Extra Perk: You can attend additional regular salt cave sessions, any day that the salt cave is open, for only $15 per session beyond your one visit per week. 

Note: This membership offer begins on January 1, 2019 and ends on December 31, 2019 regardless of when you join. So, if spots are still available on March 15th, and that is when you decide to join, the cost is still $350.

This membership is available for purchase beginning November 20, 2018

Black Friday Sale: For two days only, you can purchase your 2019 Limited Membership for only $295. This price will be available on Friday, November 23rd and Saturday November 24th. Remember that this is a limited offer to the first 100 people.